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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Woman Who Sells Towels Online Receives Naked Picture From Customer.

A woman who sold some towels on eBay was horrified when the buyer sent her a picture of his manhood. According to reports, Katee Gee, 37, sold the black cotton towels for £12 to DJ Rory Hayes.

She then got a message from him saying she looked like an “incredibly beautiful, highly seductive lady” in the picture that went with her eBay ad.

Katie thanked him for his purchase and pointed out the picture was a model, not her.

A few days later he messaged again with a picture showing him naked from the waist up with one of her towels around his middle.

Katee said: “I assumed he was showing off his abs, which were quite chiselled.
Katee says she ‘replied to her buyer with honesty’ prior to him bombarding her with the offending photo
“So I just replied with honesty, ‘Looks like you take pride in your health, which is good’.”

But climbing instructor Katee, of Burnley, was astonished to get a reply showing a naked Rory proudly displaying his genitalia.
A message read: “Hope you like. Hehe.”

Katee said: “He’s obviously looking for gratification but he’s not got it from me. It’s concerning this can happen.”

eBay said: “Sending inappropriate messages is unacceptable.”
Rory, 37, of Shrewsbury, has had his account suspended.

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